Hometown: Denver, CO

Genre: Rock/Funk/Jazz


Robby Schechter —-Guitar / Vocals

Max Manoles ———Sax / EWI /  Vocals

Nate Leichtman ——Keys / Vocals

Jon McCarten ——–Bass

Patrick Shields ——-Drums


Robby Schechter and The Motion Detectors (RSMD) will stun you with their high-intensity rock-n-roll music. Creating their own unique musical vocabulary that mixes rock, blues, jazz, and funk, RSMD has carved out a sound that is seriously playful.

RSMD was formed in the Fall of 2012 when guitarist/singer Robby Schechter was asked to put together a band for an African Refugee Benefit concert. Despite the band’s sudden and seemingly unplanned formation, RSMD quickly began playing shows and recording their self-titled debut album which was released in January of 2013.

Since then Robby Schechter and the Motion Detectors have built a  reputation as being a band that never fails to excite. RSMD has been busy playing shows around Colorado’s Front Range as well as recording their second album to be released in the Summer of 2014. Sharing the stage with notable artists such as John Popper (Blues Travelers) and Melvin Seals (the Jerry Garcia Band), RSMD continues to win over excite audiences both young and old, tall and short, clean cut and hairy!